Adding members to Lifetimely

To add collaborators to Lifetimely so they can access the app with their own account, you can invite them to join as a member.

Invited members will be able to access Lifetimely without needing to have a Shopify staff account.

To start, go to the store switcher and click Invite Members. 

Invited members will only be added to the store they were invited from, so if you have multiple stores, start the process from the store you want to add members to. Click Invite another member and type the email of the collaborator you want to add as a member. When you click Invite member, an email will be sent to accept the invitation.

You'll then be able to see the invite and it's status: orange for pending and green for accepted.

And that's it! After accepting the invitation, members will be able to create an account on and then access your store without the need to go through Shopify. 
It's important to take into account that although their access can be removed, invited members will have the same access to Lifetimely as you - both in terms of viewing all of the information and managing members.

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