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Some feedback from our customers: 
"This app has greatly helped me and my brand REBEL8 gain an important perspective of our customers. Karri has been an absolute pleasure to work with and has spent a considerable amount of time walking me through all the reports and providing incredible insight into the data. Highly recommend this app for all DTC brands looking to effectively scale and play the long game." - Rebel 8

"I've tried multiple solutions to predict CLTV and none come close to the accuracy of Lifetimely. Once you understand the reports (which are pretty straightforward) you will literally have the keys to the kingdom because you'll know how much you can spend to get a new customer. Support is fast -- thorough and co-founder Karri is extremely knowledgable (he has a marketing background so he understands what we're trying to do). Wouldn't think about running my store without this." - Diabetic Kitchen

"I wish I would have found this app earlier! I spent hours on Reports and exported Excel files trying to find out LTV/repurchase rates.. This app is quicker, it's easy to use and has all the information you'd need easily visible. I can't recommend it enough.
PS - Do the onboarding call with Karri - I didn't think I'd need it, but he was very helpful!" Bohemian Findings

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