How to import shipping costs into Lifetimely?

Instead of setting a fixed shipping cost individual countries, you can import shipping costs for individual orders with a CSV-file. In most cases, you can find a suitable export from most warehouse systems.

How to import shipping costs for individual orders:

1. Go to Shipping cost -settings:

2. Select "CSV-import

3. Download the example file by clicking the link Download an example CSV file.

4. Format your data to match the example file. The file can have any number of columns but the columns "Shopify order id" and "Shipping cost in the store currency' (without a currency symbol) are mandatory. Once uploaded the file, we will map the column headers of your CSV file with the correct data points in our database and you can confirm our mapping.

5. Import your file. You can either use a CSV file in the above format or can manually add the order ids and the shipping cost in store currency in the spreadsheet you see in the import window.

6. You will be asked if your import file has column headers

7. We will then auto map the columns in your CSV file with the columns in our database and will ask you to confirm the mapping.

8. You can then do a final review of your import data

9. Before your data gets added to the system, we will ask you to submit the data you reviewed -

10. When you click YES, your data will be imported and the shipping costs for the past orders will be updated in the next 5-10 minutes.

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