Marketing Channel Filters

You can filter most of the Lifetime value and Customer behavior reports by marketing channel and source/medium combinations. These filters are now powered by Shopify's UTM data, which includes source, campaign, medium, term and content.

You can find them under the Marketing tab in the Filters for most reports. A common example is using the Marketing filters with the LTV report:

In this article, we are going to explain what's happening under the hood, and how we match the Marketing filters with Shopify's UTM tags.


The marketing channel filter data is pulled from your Shopify orders, which uses UTM tags to track the sources, mediums, terms content and campaigns generating traffic to your website. UTM-tags are the various strings you (hopefully) add to your Facebook ads into the URL-parameters field and the standard in campaign tracking.

marketing filter
Description Shopify's
Channel (first/last touch) Type of marketing event/channel, also appears in Shopify's Sales attributed to marketing report Marketing event
Source(first/last touch)
UTM parameter for the source of the traffic - can be URL, google, email and others. UTM source
(first/last touch)
UTM parameter for the medium generating traffic,
with marketers mostly distinguishing between organic and paid.
UTM medium
(first/last touch)
UTM parameter for the term/keyword targeted in campaign (usually on Google Search Ads campaign). UTM term
(first/last touch)
UTM parameter for the content of the campaign, since one campaign can have multiple ads or themes within it.
UTM content
(first/last touch)
UTM parameter used to tag the name of the campaign UTM campaign

First Touch vs Last Touch

Each filter will both have: first touch and last touch. 

  • The first touch means customers first click (=visit) into your store. 
  • The last touch equals customers' last click before making an order with you.

For example, a customer finds your through a Facebook Ad but doesn't convert on their first visit to your store. Later, they search for your product in Google Shopping and place an order. Now the first touch channel filter will attribute the order for Paid Facebook (if you've tagged your ads) and the last touch filter for CPC Google.

What's Next?

Some example questions you can answer with these filters:

  • Is my cold prospecting traffic from Facebook Ads more valuable than from Google Shopping?
  • What campaigns or keywords are driving more value?
  • What's our true ROAS for acquisition campaigns?

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