Connect ReCharge to Lifetimely

⚠️  Note: This integration is still in BETA.

How to connect your ReCharge account with Lifetimely:

Create ReCharge API keys, navigate to Integrations → API Tokens.

Click Create an API token.
Add the following information:
  • Nickname: "Lifetimely"
  • Contact email: add your email here

For permissions, give read access for all the data:

💡 Read access ensures that we can pull your data from ReCharge but can't push any changes to their system. Once all is done, remember the save the key you've just created.


If the API tokens aren't available for your account: you will need to contact ReCharge support and ask them to enable them for their account. This is a standard operation for them and shouldn't take long.

Here's an example message to send them:

"Hey, we would need access to ReCharge API for 3rd party integration, can you please enable API tokens for our account.



Copy the "API key" and head back to Lifetimely and to
Paste your token to the "API key" field.
Click the Test button to test that the connection works as intended. 
If there are no error messages, save the key and you're done! Loading all the data will take from 30 minutes up to a few hours, so this is a good time to grab a cup of coffee.

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