Compare Repurchases Report Walkthrough

The Compare Repurchases tab allows you to quickly get a high-level breakdown of the performance of key cohorts filtered by common variables. 

To use the Compare Repurchases report, click the Compare repurchasers button.

Once you have selected the Compare repurchasers report, you can now set the comparison variables and Repurchase rate window.

Comparison Variables

This report provides 4 key variables which show first orders and repurchases by:

  • Product
  • Country
  • Product type
  • Collection

Comparison by Country

This variable will list the number of purchases by country, the number of repurchases in each cohort and the repurchase %.

Comparison by Product

This report shows customers’ repurchasing behavior by top-performing products.

  • For each row, the first-purchased item will be shown in the first column. 
  • This is followed by the total number of customers who first purchased that product.
  • The next column shows the number of repurchases made by the cohort of any product, including items that are different from their first purchase.
  • The two final numbers show the overall repurchase rate, followed by the same-product repurchase rate of those who bought the same SKU again.

Comparison by Product Type and Collection

This variable will list the number of purchases by product type, the number of repurchases in each cohort and the repurchase %.

Repurchase Window

Selecting the repurchase window allows you to control the period of time a repurchase is included in the calculations.

For example, selecting 30 days means that the repurchase comparisons will be made based on purchases made in a 30-day window after the first-purchase product, country, collection or type.

Selecting unlimited will allow all existing data to be included in the repurchasing behavior calculations.

What’s next?

Use your Compare repurchases report to quickly identify high-value products, countries, product types, and collections.

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